Current Work

This page under construction. More information about current work is coming soon. Thanks for your patience.

The Moon is a Mirror

La Casa de Chela

Prado Bird

The Cloth Remembers





  1. You have beautiful, creative pieces! Love them all!

  2. What are the dimensions of the last three?

  3. Your work is fabulous. What an inspiration.... I like the clean lines and design and the rich colors and contrasts.... thanks for linking us in from the qa list.

  4. What an inspiration you are! The studio was wonderful to view… thanks for sharing. Then, I glimpse over here to enjoy your richly colored and clearly detailed work again. It truly makes me want to get back into my studio right now!!

  5. Anonymous3:21 PM

    just watched you on the current TQS show . Loved your input and the little birds you made and chance you will post the pattern on TQS or your blog? I'll check back for your answer...thks

  6. oh my goodness! If you are ever in the San Antonio, Texas area, I would love to you host you for our small guild! Incredibly awesome! Pamie G.