Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Mexico City Anthropology Museum

So, can you stand more vacation pictures?

The Anthropology Museum in Mexico is outstanding. Besides being history and culture and so interesting, I found it very inspiring artistically. Those pre-Columbian artists were pretty great. I especially loved the faces. In fact could not get enough of those faces. These are just a few of the pictures I took.
And I thought I was into crazy hats.

How many times have you seen that Aztec calendar reproduced? (A gagillion, at least) There it was—the real thing. And that round stone with the hand in the middle—? I could not ascertain the significance of it and it was such a different style than all the other very finished and detailed work, but I found the image very compelling.

Look at these patterns! (says the lover of pattern) If I understood the explanation correctly, these were made to impress the patterns in wet clay. I envision using them like rubber stamps to print these patterns on fabric.

And if these monkeys don't make you smile, well you must be having a really bad day.


  1. I can look at your pics all day-monkeys make me laugh. Loving this trip...thanks

  2. ...stand more vacation pictures? Can't get enough of these!