Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Back to the journal quilt

I know a really disciplined person would finish cleaning their sewing room before allowing themselves to start using it again. I am not that person. The cleanup is going well, but not complete, and I just couldn't stand looking at the fabrics I started working on for the journal quilt. I had to clear a little spot to work in and get back to it.
It was really fortuitous that I had set that project aside for several days, however. There are angels who take care of dimwits like me. In this case her name is Martha. Martha emailed me to tell me that the required size for the journal quilts is not 11 x 17 as I had in my head, but 17 x 22. She had seen the dimensions on my blog and she was worried—for good reason—that I was going to make it the wrong size. Thank. You. Martha.
The rules, I think, are that I cannot show the piece prior to its being seen in the exhibit at Houston, but here are some bits and pieces of what I have been concocting. I like what I have so far.

Did you know that crow eggs are green? I didn't. Now I do.

In other news, I learned that my Anne Frank piece, which is currently being shown with "She Made Her Mark, Too" (the rejects from the "She Made Her Mark" exhibit) at the Loft Gallery in San Pedro, California, was given an award as "Most Memorable Historical Pictorial". You can see the quilts and the show here: http://shemadehermarktoo.blogspot.com/ If you click on the photos you can see them quite a bit larger.

The sewing room cleanup continues. My eBay auctions are a surprise. Bids on most of the magazines. No bids on either of the quilts. The big surprise is the Gocco printing kit. It was up to $61 today and doesn't end until next week.



  2. The quilts in the exhibit are outstanding. I can't believe they are "rejects." Good heavens.

    Your quilt IS most memorable.

  3. Anonymous10:21 PM

    That award is well deserved. I can't wait to see this piece. I just love what you do with some fabric and a color pencil.

  4. Anonymous12:04 AM

    Congratulations on a well-earned award! The glimpses of this journal quilt are tantalising! I love the beautiful egg.

  5. Anonymous12:27 PM

    Just found your site and thought I would tell you how much I enjoyed my visit! The crow quilt looks amazing! I've been working on a bird theme too.
    Cute Sofia!

  6. Kudos on the award! It's a beautiful and reflective piece. I visited the death camps on a trip to Krakow and plan to blog about the experience eventually. Very powerful but hard to put into words. Sometimes a picture or portrait captures so much more as how you bring things to life.

    I wish I lived closer to attend some of your exhibits to see your wonderful work up close.

  7. I really really want to see the whole crow quilt -- it is looking most excellent! And congratulations. Well deserved.

  8. The crow quilt is truly wonderful.

  9. The crow quilt looks amazing - love the text on it! Good luck with the clean-up. Something's in the air, it seems everyone I talk to is in an organizing state of mind. And there's an excellent article about studio de-cluttering in the new Art Calendar magazine.