Sunday, July 06, 2008

Living in Limbo

It's wearing me down. We haven't sold our old house and are reluctant to move until we do. We will move eventually, but for now I think the house shows better with furniture in it. I know it takes time to sell a house. Especially now, when the housing market is so bad. It has taken us longer than this to sell houses in the past, but it's getting to me. Put your collective mental energy on this, will you? Do whatever mumbo jumbo or spells or chants or voodoo work for such things. I'm about ready to bury a St. Joseph statue, or whatever it takes.

We have spent two nights at the new house. We bought an inflatable mattress and put it into the lovely green and cream room. We will sleep there sometimes from now on. It felt good to wake up in the house and feel what it is like in the middle of the night and make coffee in the kitchen. We have no TV to entertain us there, so we sat quietly and read. I took my small sewing machine out and made the curtains for the green room. I like them.

On the Fourth of July, Emily and Cayo barbequed at their house. Cayo made mojitos. Andy came over and we all had a nice, relaxing and quite delicious holiday.

Doesn't Sofia look like she is saying "Yesss! My Uncle Andy is here!" ? I took a picture of the two of them last July 4th too. Andy hasn't changed much. Sofia sure has!


  1. Is that a bit of the classic "Howard" gray I see appearing on Andy?

  2. Wish I had a magic spell for you. Maybe that St. Joseph thing will work-I've heard others have had success. I have to pick up my mail at the church this morning-I'll light a couple of candles.

  3. Move. Don't put your life on hold because of the housing market.

    The lack of furniture will give you the ability to do "touch ups" to the old house when you visit. And please do bury St Joseph. Last winter a family house sat unsold and empty (husband lost his job). I stood at the point where St Joseph should have been buried and asked him to find a family for this house. I explained the sad circumstances etc. Within 6 weeks there was a sale pending sticker on the sign.

  4. she's adorable! and keeping fingers and toes crossed for you to sell your house fast...

  5. I can relate to your "in limbo" feeling. This is kind of a long story but here it goes. I was living in Idaho and got engaged Oct. 2006. Fiance owns house in Billings, MT but had recently taken a new job in Laramie, WY (it was supposed to be temporary). I put most of my stuff into storage and then moved to Laramie. Over the next few months we moved some of my stuff to his garage in Billings and some to the apartment we rented in Laramie. In August 2007 we moved from the apartment in Laramie to a rental house in Laramie. In January, 2008 Fiance took a new job in Idaho Falls, ID. We moved stuff from Laramie to ID and spent the next two months getting stuff packed and moved from Billings, cleaning and doing minor repairs to get Billings house (5-BDRM) ready to rent out. March 29, 2008 moving truck delivered furniture to I.Falls. House in Billings thankfully rented out the first of May. Guess what -- May 8, 2008 he lost his job in I.Falls. So we have now spent the last few weeks packing everything here in I.Falls and placing it in storage and are keeping a box of dishes out and a very few items so we can rent a small apartment when he finally lands his next job. Whew -- thank God for quilting, knitting, embroidery work to keep me focused on something other than the struggles. I feel your pain. Limbo isn't fun!!!

  6. You could try selling your home through a realtor. They have access to information that you don't and work hard for their commissions. The market in Oregon has slowed but homes are still selling.