Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Nothing balances, but it works itself out...

I recently answered some questions for an online interview and one of the questions was something like, "How do you achieve balance in your life?" I laughed and answered that I don't even worry about balance anymore. It would drive me crazy if I thought it all had to "balance." Never will.

One night this week I looked out the front window as I was heading off to bed and could see the moon through the trees. I can't even remember the last time I saw the moon. We had been under cloud cover and rain for so long I didn't remember the last clear sky, but there it was—the moon. That cheered me up a lot.

Last week Ray experienced a progressive loss of vision in one eye and learned that he had a torn retina, and, in fact, a less serious one in the other eye as well. So this was an unpleasant and worrisome surprise. We spent the better part of a day at the Casey Eye Institute here in Portland and both eyes were repaired with lasers. He is still pretty much blind in one eye, but the vision should return as the blood clears from his eye.

We finally finished up our work at our old house and it goes on the market this week. Wish us luck.

My brother came to visit from Idaho, arriving Sunday and we have had a lovely time with him. We all went to see Robert Plant and the Band of Joy last night in downtown Portland and it was spectacular. Ray and my brother Steve share a love of music and years ago played in a band together. Tonight we are going to go listen to some live jazz. Maybe all this great music balances the fairly awful torn retina experience? I don't know. You could spend a lot of time figuring out where the "balance" happens in the complications of everyday life.

Monday the weather looked good and we took the grandchildren to the zoo. We loved being outside for the first time in months, but the weather varied from sun to rain to sleet to hail and back to sun again. Here was the scene out my window late in the day.

The sun is shining and hail is pounding down. A kind of balance?

It's been a busy week.


  1. Anonymous6:19 PM

    We have lots of balance here in Spokane also. Yesterday it snowed three times! THREE TIMES! The sun came out in between each snow, then the clouds would roll over and down that icy wet stuff would come. You are tired of rain, I'm tired of cold and snow.

    Want to run away with me? That should balance something don't ya think?

  2. Glad to hear Ray is healing. That had to be a frightening experience. The weather has been so very erratic the past few weeks for us too. Today it was 84 and it should drop back down to the high 50's tomorrow. I must say that I think even with all the variations in your weather that you have a visibly more beautiful spring than we are having.

  3. Gosh, good thoughts for Ray's complete recovery - SOON.
    When I think about my childhood in SE Portland it seems that the sun disappeared sometime between Halloween and Thanksgiving and didn't show up again until late April. I do remember the moon drifting amongst the clouds, but no sun. Hope your Spring is spectacular.

  4. Hope Ray is much better very soon. Music soothes the soul so maybe it helps the eyes as well.
    Good luck with the house sale-crossing my fingers.

  5. I am adding my good wishes for a speedy recovery for Ray and a good turn out for the house sale. I will pray for an offer which is what my handyman and I prayed for with my dad's house. With an offer you can adjust and counter adjust and in the end, someone else owns the house, not you.

    Maine weather is winter one day and spring the next and then winter again. Today is a spring day.

    Riley has torn another hole in his foot pad and will be wearing his bootie on any walks until it heals. He is doing his part and licking it clean. Poor baby.

  6. By-the-way, the photo of hail on your deck is quite a wonderful image. Nice balance there!

  7. It is good to see that Ray's eye problems could be repaired. I think if my life got balanced I would think that something is going wrong. Good luck on selling the house. Even though I live in the mid-west, we too are having crazy weather, 80 one day and then rain, storms, winds. Now we are in the 30s at night but hopefully warmer weather is on the way after the rain tonight and tomorrow.

  8. Best wishes for Ray's healing. That was scary, but nowadays the treatments are very good if you get it checked soon.
    I hope your old house sells this year.