Saturday, August 06, 2011

Northwest Vibes

Friday night was the opening for the High Fiber Diet group's "Northwest Vibes" show. It was at the Singer Hill Cafe in Oregon City. The cafe is in downtown Oregon City and has a small gallery, cafe and really unusual gardens with cafe seating. There was also live music.

As I said, small gallery. The work was stacked two and three pieces high on the walls, which is not ideal, but worked fine for this venue. It was cozy, but felt festive and fun.

That's my piece "When it Rains I Make my Own Sunshine" on the bottom there. Gerrie's Portland cityscape is at the top.

It was a beautiful summer evening and I really enjoyed the show and dinner in the garden of the cafe. The garden features vertical gardens planted on the sides of the buildings, fences and around pillars. Fascinating concept.

Ray met me there after work and Emily and the kids went too. We had a nice evening. It was a little different from most of our shows, but a nice location for a small show. I enjoyed the cafe, which I had never been to.

My daughter and grandson, Marco.


  1. This looks like a nice, intimate show Terry, and your grandson is of course adorable.

  2. very nice show- like the venue and of course your grandson is adorable!

  3. Marco is most adorable!

  4. Sounds like a great venue for your show and a great evening. I'll bet Marco enjoyed looking at all the colors!