Saturday, May 26, 2012

Studio day

A day to plug away at things.

Awhile ago I got this nice step stool at Ikea. It is perfect to use to hang things up high on my design wall. It is very sturdy and was remarkably inexpensive, but was unfinished wood. I finally got around to giving it a coat of clear acrylic today. It looks so nice and now my dirty shoes won't muck it up.

I have been working on "air" the third of the elements pieces. It has been really difficult to come up with a concept for air. I wanted to keep all the pieces the same size and orientation. Leaves in the wind, was finally my best idea, but I don't love it. Still, I need to keep working. I started today with it at this stage.

I think it is booooooooring. So boring. I started adding leaves.

 Better, but still lacking quite a bit of—something. That tree trunk is so awkward on the right side. I think it needs some judicious pruning. And stitching, is what I hope will save it. And maybe more leaves.


  1. Does the overall quilt need to be rectangular? What if you cut off (at a 45 or 60 degree angle_ from just below that lower branch on the right of the trunk? Hold up a piece of paper to the screen and cover up the bottom this way. To me, it add excitement to have that bottom edge at an angle.

  2. Keep at it, Terry. I really had doubts about "Fire" at this stage, but you whipped it into fabulous in short order.

  3. The contrasting leaves definitely gives it more excitement. Right now they look as though they are just falling from the tree. So the concept of "air" is not apparent to me.

    I think stitching swirls to create air movement would help. Although what I see in my mind is leaves going across a piece sideways pushed by air currents (more like a horizontal orientation).

    Having said all that, I like the piece so far, without a theme. I know your stitching will make it even better.

    I'm sure you will figure out what to do.