Saturday, June 02, 2012

On the path to somewhere...

I headed to the studio this afternoon as Ray was working on the final section of the pathway to the studio, with the assistance of his loyal cat, Thor.
Those little bloops of green along the way are Irish moss, which we hope will spread and fill in between the rocks. I added the solar lights to light the way.

Along the way I admired the poppies and the foxgloves.

 I spent the afternoon quilting/doodling on the "air" quilt and finally finished the stitching part. Here is a detail.

Then I added the dots. I'm not sure where these dots originated in my brain, but somehow they seem to work on everything. More needed, I think.

In this piece the air is just full of "stuff". Leaves, pollen, motion. fragrances and atmosphere. It seemed odd to be working on an autumnal quilt on such a perfectly wonderful spring day.

At the end of the day I had accomplished a lot and so had Ray.

Pretty great pathway, huh?


  1. Ray's path is beautiful and my knees ache in sympathy for his. If the moss doesn't work, I have had excellent results with the low growing thymes. Your poppies and foxglove are gorgeous. I think this is one of the prettiest springs we have had in a long time. Wishing you a wonderful week. (I really am liking the quilt. The dots add interest and the whole piece is fun.)

  2. Anonymous6:00 AM

    The path is very 'welcoming'.....lovely....

  3. Anonymous7:58 AM

    Love the new path...Ray might have a new career if his knees can hold out!

  4. The walkway is magnificent. Can't wait to walk on it. I think your air quilt has a definite airy quality. Love it.

  5. I knew you'd make that quilt fabulous!
    The pathway is wonderful--Ray and Thor make a great team.

  6. Great path, studio and husband.

  7. The path looks great and so does your quilt. Love the bright green of the moss on the path.

  8. The dots sorta remind me of an early fall snow. Love your squareness!

  9. How did you make the dots?

    You both are on the right path.

  10. As if your studio didn't look inviting enough from the outside... the path is beautiful and Ray has done a great job of making the studio look wonderfully inviting! How lovely to have such a pretty garden to see on your way to your creative space!

  11. Great path! We had a whole patio like that with the irish moss in between the stones. It looked Fine Living gorgeous - until the grass seeds blew in from the yard and it became impossible to weed it out without tearing out all the moss. Then our chair legs fell in the holes between the rocks. Better Homes and Gardens Gone Bad! LOL As a path in a 'woodland' setting it will be delightful. The moss will fill in before you know it. :)