Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Deep into summertime

How is it that summer comes flying out of nowhere and then suddenly it is half over? Does the rest of the world get more of a lead up and gradual glide into summer, or is it all like it is here in Oregon—long, cold rainy winter, long cold rainy spring and then you wake up one morning and the sprinklers are going and the concrete smells hot and the cat is sleeping in the shade under the hammock? And before you can even get used to it, back-to-school flyers start sifting out of the Sunday paper. Slow down, summer! I want to enjoy this.

and red nasturtiums

And perfect, precious, pretty pink roses and lovely lavender

We have fruit, fruiting! Remember when the guy at the garden center scoffed at Ray's request for an apricot tree and said they would not grow here? What do you say now, garden center guy?

Last year our little fig tree produced 3 figs. This year there are—well, I didn't actually count them—but a lot.

Raspberries, winding down.

Makes me want to burst into song.


  1. Summer has been slow in coming to the south as well. We've had a lot more rain, to the point of drowning our vegetable garden. It's been enough to make us wonder if we have somehow been relocated to southeast Asia, or somewhere near your area. :) Thankfully it has been mild. Normally we would be deep into 100 degree temperatures. We are just now getting into the mid to upper 90's. It's definitely been a strange summer.

  2. Always loved Summertime and summertime, too.

  3. Every year I am disappointed in myself when I realize that I didn't get to experience summer - working, sewing, going-going-going - but you're right. It's a short, short season. While lovely, it feels like it's gone in the blink of an eye.