Monday, December 08, 2014


So, now I have a "to do" list and, after a minor meltdown yesterday, am making my way through it. A few things to report on.


Virginia Spiegel again asked me to participate in her fundraiser for the American Cancer Society. I am happy she asked and so grateful for all the money Virginia has raised for cancer research. Too much Cancer in this world. This year has been a bad one—both my sister and sister-in-law have undergone brutal cancer treatment this year, with mixed results. My sister is doing well, my sister-in-law, not well. Cancer is a monster and I hate it.

Virginia has asked 100 fiber artists to donate a piece of art. On February 4, the first 100 people to make a donation of $100 will receive an artwork. Simple, and everyone wins! See the details here.

Here is my donation piece, "Night Windows"


In other news, part of our High Fiber Diet exhibit, "What's Blue toYou" is currently hanging at the Portland International Airport in the B concourse. It will be there until May, so if you find yourself at PDX check it out! Last week the artists were invited to view the exhibit. We had to be escorted through a side door to avoid security. We were thrilled with how it was hung and the signage.


Mine is the first one after the sign.

And here's my final thing to share.


I got a new phone and needed a new case for it. I found this business online that will put any photo you want on their case. I really love the way it turned out with my Valentine Ritual quilt.



  1. All beautiful things~I'm keeping your family in my thoughts.

  2. OMG! I was just looking at all the quilts (both sides of Concourse B) hanging and so impressed. And I didn't pay attention to the names. I wondered if I knew any of the yours. I stood in front of your girl for quite some time, taking Memory Lane. Love them all. Fantastic!

    I appreciate your efforts to raise funds for cancer. In our family, as well. Sending you and your family positive energy~~~

  3. If the other pieces come even close to yours there will be a lot of lucky winners.