Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Out of the West—Long Straight Highways - Day 6

We have transitioned from the Western States map to the Central States map. Yesterday was a long drive to Cheyenne on the straightest highways I have ever seen. It was good to arrive at the Plains Hotel, in Cheyenne, our home for the night. It is one of those great old hotels with a grand lobby and a tiny elevator and long narrow hallways. The bathrooms have wonderful old tile floors in odd colors—a great place. We recommend it, though the WIFI is spotty.

After our long drive it felt good to get out and walk around Cheyenne. The hotel is in a historic part of town not far from the state Capitol. Across from the hotel is Depot Square and the beautiful old sandstone depot building.

These big boots seem to be all over the place.

Lots of great old buildings in the area.


After a margarita and revitalizing Mexican food we were back to the room. This morning we hit the roads and crossed into Nebraska. More long, straight highways.

We broke up our trip with a lunch stop in North Plains and a visit to the Golden Spike Tower where you can view the huge North Plains Bailey Yards, where the Union Pacific Railroad's huge operation, the largest switching yard in the world, is located. Trains as far as the eye can see.


Though not as cold as it has been, the intense winds in Nebraska today made driving stressful and tiring. Tonight we are in Kearney, Nebraska, heading for Lincoln in the morning.



  1. I am loving this. Thank you.

  2. Ted's Uncle Allen used to be a manager at the Plains. He mostly managed from the bar. You're trip is bringing back memories for him.

  3. When the super highways were being built (Or conceived) during the Eisenhower adminstration they built those long stretches of highway to accomodate war planes landing in the event of an invasion. I'm loving taking this trip with you !
    Ruth in Oxnard CA

  4. Anonymous9:14 AM

    As a long haul truck driver, been there, done that :) I love those long straight stretches of highway. If you drive over them frequently, like I do, you do see changes in the landscape. Little things catch your eye.
    I mostly love the sunrises in the area. You can see forever and oftentimes the colors are unimaginably awesome!! Glad your having a great time. I have been following your travels. It's been interesting. Maybe I'll see you on the big road? Good Job.