Thursday, January 28, 2016

Phone photos :: California

A week ago I was in Northern California with Diane and, of course, snapped a few photos. The first was taken from the plane window of downtown Portland and the Willamette River. I never see this view as we are usually heading East when we fly out of Portland. I hadn't realized that Ross Island is shaped like that. The bridges are interesting seen from above.

The weather in California was mostly rainy and cloudy, with one beautiful blue sky day when we explored Diane's beautiful little town of Healdsburg. That part of California doesn't really seem that far from Oregon, but seeing redwoods and palm trees and oranges and lemons makes it feel like a different world.


In one of the many interesting shops in Healdsburg, the woman working there was wearing the most gorgeous embroidered boots. She was happy to let me take a photo. She said they were comfortable. I'm skeptical— I think my toes would be pretty squished, but they sure were spectacular to look at.

One day we went to Berkeley where I'd never been. For years I have been hearing about two iconic fabric stores. They were worth the trip! Later we drove through the UC Berkely campus, then ended our day at the Marina for dinner with a view, through mist and rain, of San Francisco and the Golden Gate Bridge.




On one of those days we took Diane's lovely daughter to ride in the rain. Neither horse nor rider seemed to mind the drizzle or the mud.

A visit to the Francis Ford Coppola Winery on my last day.

Beautiful, interesting place. Lots of memorabilia from Coppola's movies. That last photo is the car from the movie "Tucker" in the entrance to the winery.

I enjoyed this getaway so much—a part of California I'd never seen and time shared with a good friend.



  1. Sounds like a really wonderful trip.

  2. Looks like you two had a great time. It's so nice to see Twelves hanging out together

  3. It makes me happy to see that you enjoyed “my” Berkeley so much!

  4. What fun! and they sure do need the rain.

  5. Anonymous7:51 AM

    I've never been to your side of the country...thanks for so many interesting photos. Julie