Tuesday, August 01, 2017

Summertime, little things

Aren't summer mornings the best? Before I'm even awake, I can hear the sprinklers' "sh-sh-sh-sh" and am aware of a little, fragrant breeze coming through the window screen and ruffling the bedroom curtains. Such a better way to wake up than to dim grey skies and rain. Awwwww

I'm having a lazy summer. Knitting, puttering, finishing projects and working on little things. My eye is nearly healed, but my vision isn't great. I'll need a new glasses prescription once the second eye surgery is done and healed and in the meantime it's hard to focus, especially for long periods of stitching. I'm practicing patience—never one of my stronger assets. Here's a bigger, little piece.

It's about 13"x15". Small pieces that are unframed run the risk of looking like placemats or hotpads, so I'm always looking for ways to give hem a little more presence. This one has a dowel with a wire hanger. The two littler chairs, below, have wire hangers.

I've had fun bending wire and concocting these hangers, but I'm still not sure I like them. What do you think? Hokey? Too rustic? Art is all an experiment...

Last week we went to California and met up with our grandchildren and their parents. I think my next post will be called "The Very Fun California Adventure and We Lived to Tell the Tale". I have photos to go through. Stay tuned...

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  1. I love your chairs. The wire hangers echo the curves in the chair backs. My favorite is the pillows! So sorry you're having to deal with eye issues.

  2. I think the hangers look fine. I love that chair with the blue pillow/bird. Good to see a post from you. You have been missed.

  3. I a man very fond of "littles", cause I enjoy fine embellishing techniques on hand embroidered/hand quilted art pieces..

  4. Lovely job as always. So sad for you and your eyes. I know I would be far less brave than you. Patience.
    I know people who are now past all the surgery and healing and they are happy with their eyesight. It will be worth it.

  5. love the hangers! they are really cute..especially the last one...my favorite! Sorry your eyes are taking a while to heal up. My DH had cataract surgery 2 years ago.. he didn't drive for at least 6 months. It took quite some time for him to be able to read a book comfortably. Hopefully it will get better for you.

  6. I like the wire hangers, but I think the last one is a little overwhelming for the piece. My eye goes to the hanger first. How did you attach the first one to the dowel?

  7. I love smaller work. I can have more of it. I have a little house, so no room for huge pieces. I do like the hangers you came up with. Did you paint the dowel black?

    Hope you heal up soon! I'm no good with patience either. The lines at Disney World proved that without a doubt.