Tuesday, April 14, 2020

2020 so far...

My last blog entry was on New Year’s Day, looking forward to 2020 with “And” as my word for the year. Little did I know what all that “and” would encompass. Now it’s April and we know that 2020 already is one for the history books. 

January and February are always quiet months, this one not so different. In the dark days of winter we settled in, but found what simple pleasures we could, in the form of good meals, visits to the art museum and the science museum and a memorable evening spent taking in the Portland Winter Light Festival in downtown Portland. (Above)

In my studio, I was learning about making things from copper. 

I delved into acid etching my own designs into copper and fashioned our annual valentine from one of those designs.

I prepared a stitching project that would start February 1. For 100 days I would hand stitch a tiny composition in one of the sections of a 100 section design I had applied to a piece of natural linen. Each day’s work would be posted on a Facebook page for the SAQA 100 day challenge. 

At the front of my mind, in February, was our upcoming trip to Mexico. I think I was packed, and ready at least a week ahead of our February 27 departure date. My plan was to take my stitching project along. By now it was beginning to look like a real thing, with 25 spaces filled. 

I am trying to remember if, when we left for Mexico, I really knew anything about the Corona virus. I’m sure, if I did, it was something happening far away—China. Not on my radar...  

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  1. And how things have changed. Always good to see your posts. I love your stitching project and your copper valentine is lovely. Stay well.