Sunday, January 08, 2006

Oh, that color

I have talked about the color red. It has always been my favorite color. There is a particular shade of red that just seems to be my favorite, favorite right now. As I was unpacking my purchases made in Ecuador this time I realized that this color was just inserting itself into everything I seem to be attracted to. I bought these scarves to give as gifts (maybe saving at least one for myself) in similar but not identical color schemes.

Then I found this chenille shawl and couldn't resist the color. (Replaced that bad picture--this is more like it. Not at all like flamingo feathers, Mary!)

Next came a hand-woven tablecloth, that is probably going to become a shower curtain.

This spicy, warm, orange-y, paprika-y red keeps speaking to me. I keep looking at those scarves and thinking I need to do some small color studies based on those colors. It will be a miracle if I can get into my fabric this week, but I see this color when I close my eyes and I have been dreaming about it.


  1. becky2:25 AM

    Isn't that just about the best color ever!? I had a shirt that the catalog called "chili" that was the color you are talking about. I loved it literally to death. When I went back and ordered a new one, this one was more of a deep burgundy red--a lovely color, too, but not that gorgeous dark chili powder red. I sometimes wish I had saved a piece of it, but that may have just made me sad. I'm a rednik, too. (In case you couldn't tell :o)

  2. Beautiful stuff...the color of that shawl intrigues me...I'm thinking maybe flamingo feathers?

  3. If you're even DREAMING of it, ya gotta do something fantabulous about it! Love the scarves etc, what a great vibrant red.

  4. You would look gorgeous in this color. I had a red period a couple of years ago. This year it is chocolate brown and orange.

  5. That is a very pretty orange-red. It always mkes me think of cayenne pepper.