Sunday, October 15, 2006

Around St. Thomas

St. Thomas is one of the regular stops for the huge Cruise ships that cruise the Caribbean. Yesterday this behometh was docked here. They come to St. Thomas, maybe partially for the beautiful scenery, but mostly they come to shop. To make it very easy a shopping mall was built right where the passengers disembark from the ships. We went over to check out the shopping at the Havensight Mall and found a few small gifts. The big things seem to be jewelry (you can't believe the number of jewelry stores in St. Thomas), cameras and discount liquor.

That's Ray in the hat, just about to go into that store and buy me a big ole diamond bracelet---not!

Magen's Bay
Later we drove around to the other side of the island and stopped at Udder Delights for a milkshake, then took them down to Magen's Bay to drink as we walked along the beach. First I have to tell you about the milkshakes. They are famous on the island and you get them from a ramshackle little roadside stand. What makes them special is that they have booze in them. Now, this is a concept! Mine was the original "udder delight" made with almond crunch ice cream and amaretto. Ray had one that had coffee and chocolate ice cream with Kahlua.
Magen's Bay is considered one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. It was rainy yesterday, so it was remarkably uncrowded. The gray sky made the water a bit less blue than usual, but it is still a beautiful place.
French Town
This is a little area just off the main part of Charlotte Amalie. There are a lot of fishing boats that come in and out and a lot of good restaurants and bars. We had dinner there last night with some friends, then went to a bar to listen to live music. The dinner was great, the music was great. A good time. Earlier in the day when we went to make reservations I saw this beautiful rooster running around and followed him trying to get a good picture. The only time I could catch him standing still he was watching me from behind a post.

While we were at Havensight I had one of those mishaps that damages both body and pride. I tripped over a curb and fell flat, landing on my hands and knees. I never fall--really, never. It is strange how time slows as it is happening, and you have time to think, "What the---Am I falling? Yep, I'm definitely falling. Oh sh*t, this is going to hurt!" Then it speeds right back up as you slam into the pavement. Several people stopped to see if they could help. A clerk in the nearby pharmacy saw me fall and came out with antiseptic wipes and cream and a bandaid for my skinned up knee. People really are so kind. I'm OK, just a little bruised and humiliated by my clutziness.


  1. I'm loving your photos and that milkshake sounds divine. Bummer about your mishap though. I hate when stuff like that happens and it's even worse when you're away from home. Glad you were only bruised up and not badly hurt.

  2. Thank you for sharing the pictures. Nice to have a virtual visit. Those milkshakes sound awesome. Wish I was there. The beach looks lovely - especially without the crowds. So sorry about the fall. You described it so well - it sounds just like the time I fell - without the rescuer - but I was more embarassed than anything else.

  3. It is easy to imagine you trying to get a picture of that rooster. He looks like he could be a project inspiration.

  4. Enjloy the balmy weather. It is pouring rain here. sorry about the stumble, I sure now that feeling - maybe you had one too many of those milkshakes!!

  5. Ouch. The pavement is none too level, either, from what I recall.