Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Beautiful foggy morning

It is hard to make myself get out and walk on cold, foggy mornings. It helps to know that Beth is waiting for me. It works both ways. If she didn't know I would be waiting she would probably be tempted to stay in bed herself. The thing is, it is so cold when you get out of the car you just think you are going to freeze, but once you start moving, you warm right up and the cold air really feels good. Better than rain, for sure. There was a little frost on things this morning and the pink light of the sunrise was so delicate and beautiful this morning it almost makes up for the cold.

Now that I am pretty much ready for Christmas and I had my little "no Christmas music and stuff" break yesterday I have a nice feeling of well-being and Christmas spirit and am enjoying a little eggnog in my coffee.

I am seeing a lot of creches on blogs this week. Martha Stewart had a beautiful one on her show yesterday that she made while she was in prison—such an overachiever! This one is from Ecuador. The material is called masapan or bread dough. I think it is quite charming because it depicts Joseph and Mary as Panama hat makers. (Panama hats are made in Ecuador. See more about it here.) The donkey is quite amusing. The cow is just plain wierd.

Here's another of my eclectic Christmas selections. Lots of versions of this song. I like Willie.


  1. Anonymous3:25 AM

    I heard a live version of this Christmas waltz at Mollie Malone's at Redhook Monday night. It was squeezed between a couple of John Prine gems. I sweetened his tip can..


  2. I agree that the cow is something else. Looks kinda like a large dog with Mickey Mouse ears. I really like your picture of outside.

  3. Anonymous9:59 AM

    Just wait until you see my creche - Mary has red hair and is wearing green. And I don't want any comments about my sheep looking like dogs!! They come out of the kiln tomorrow afternoon.