Tuesday, October 30, 2007

To Bee or not to Bee

The 12 x 12 challenge is now up on the Twelve by Twelve blog. What a lot of fun this has been! You have to go look at how 12 different artists interpreted the theme "Dandelion". Here is mine:

My decision to add the bee came fairly late in the process. As I have mentioned, I have been working on a super secret project, concurrently with the dandelion challenge. I still can't tell you anymore about the super secret project, except to say that at one point it involved a photo of a field of flowers, which upon close inspection, revealed that fuzzy little bee poised on one of the flowers. Somehow that bee resonated with me and I decided he really belonged on my dandelion. I have to tell you that I love that bee.

This bee has been hanging on my wall for a long time.

It's a limited edition poster by David Lance Goines, made for the Schneider Museum of Art where I used to volunteer in Ashland. I love all of his work and I love this one especially. Sometime, when you have a couple of hours to kill you should look at the work on his web site. You will probably recognize at least one or two of his posters, and will probably like a lot of them. This one is number 138. His style is very distinctive.

A couple months ago when I took the precious metal clay class I had to choose an image to stamp in silver and, once again, I found myself drawn to the bee.

Bees are incredible creatures, aren't they?— and essential to our life on this earth. Last Sunday there was a story on 60 Minutes about a beekeeper who has been observing the loss of vast numbers of bees to a mysterious disorder, and is linking it to pesticide use. If the trend continues it can have devastating effects on our food supply. Almost makes one want to start raising bees in the backyard.



  1. Anonymous1:45 AM

    I love your fuzzy bee too. I have been a great fan of Goines' work for many years -- maybe that's why I like yours so much too. You have a similar aesthetic.

    Will we be seeing you take up bee keeping at your new cottage??

  2. Wonderful depiction of dandilion. The bee is the perfect addition. I really like the dimension you have with the flower,did you use fabric paints,ink or what for the shadowing? And all this in a twelve inch block!

  3. It's really beautiful. I got a peek yesterday on the 12x12 blog.You have such a way with these insect images. Love it! I saw the piece about the bees and it really is kind of horrifying.

  4. This is great - such a joyous happy piece! I like your bee too. We've had problems over here with bees dying too - turns out they have a virus that's carried by a parasite - its having an awful effect on pollination rates apparently.

  5. Anonymous1:07 PM

    THAT is the most gorgeous thing I think I have ever seen! I am in awe :::bowing down to the art goddess:::::
    Ruth - a lurker and admirer

  6. I love the graphic quality of the dandilion and the bee is wonderful.(Notice I didn't go for the easy pun "bee-utiful".) I am so impressed with the artwork produced by the 12x12 group. You all are amazzzzzing! Cheers.

  7. I have also been following the 12 x 12 group. Love this!

  8. What an absolutely wonderful piece ! What a great group to be in too !
    Happy All Hallows Eve

  9. This quilt is gorgeous!

  10. I see your work is all about the birds and the bees lately?!! hehe
    They are both wonderful, and it is nice to see the final results after following the progress of the fabric making, and the development of design ideas.
    I read somewhere (but can't remember where) a truly alarming theory that it is cellphone signals that are causing disruptions in the bees homing instincs, so that whole colonies are getting lost and can't find their way back to the hive and queen. It is happening across Europe too. If that is true, it is really worrying, because people have become so attached to their phones, it is hard to see them being banned!