Sunday, February 03, 2008

House update - February 3

The last time I updated the house project the front window looked like this:

That was the carpenter ant discovery day. Today it looks like this:

Now we're makin' progress!
Here's the new fridge, waiting for the electrician to come and finish the outlet it will plug into. Beautiful, eh? And that's the diningroom wall color. And in the foreground, the livingroom wall color. You will notice that neither is blue.

The most exciting development of the past week was the installation of the countertops. They are "moss" Corian.

I need to see if the electrician can move the outlets up a smidge. There will be two rows of the Talavera tile for the backsplash and I'd prefer not to have the outlets cut into the tile. The countertops ended up a bit higher than anticipated. I love the black granite sink. Here's the garden window view out the back.

Someday, when Ray has done his gardening magic on the yard, this view will be really gorgeous. Right now it shows the irony of our location. The view out the front is "little house in the big woods." The view out the back is total Beaver-town subdivision. But at least no one's big window or deck overlooks our backyard.


  1. Wow! It is really taking shape. I know that Ray will do some gardening miracles back there. I'm loving my new fridge.

  2. It's really looking good. This is fun following along vicariously. :-)

  3. It's coming together and looking wonderful! We have a couple of things in common; one of our huge windows had carpenter ant problem too; and the other one, we have an open field behind our house, a school in front, so two totally different views. Love your kitchen and I admit I'm a bit envious, wishing I could have some new cabinets. Happy for you!

  4. Anonymous8:24 PM


    I am still trying to figure out why you don't like the color of the blue, blue sky. LOL

    I love it.

    Elaine Millar

  5. Progress! It's looking great.