Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Kumihimo again

So I've been picking up my kumihimo disk every time I sit down to watch TV or a movie and these are the cords I've made. It is mindless and foolproof and it really does keep me awake through a movie—usually. We tried to watch No End in Sight the other night and even the Kumihimo couldn't keep me awake through that one. (I am interested in how and why we got into Iraq and how we've screwed everything up, but after what seemed like hours and hours of monotone talking heads, and a nap or two, we decided there was no end to this movie in sight and gave up on it.) Mostly, however, the weaving keeps me going. You can click on the picture and get a closer look at my lovely cords. I have experimented with embroidery floss, metallic embroidery floss (I love that one), nylon crochet stuff, perle cotton and silk floss that was too thin and slippery, so it's not there.

Now I am wondering what to do with the cords. Ray, who is always so helpful, had an idea.

Soap on a rope.

I don't think so.


  1. I love these cords - I almost went out and ordered one of those disks after you posted about it. I made some purses for Christmas and had a heck of a time finding appropriate cording for them.

    So now you have it, you can either start making purses, or you can send the cords to me and I'll make good use of them :-)

  2. Your Ray is a funny guy.

  3. The cords are lovely...must be time to take up bead embroidery so you can make some pendants to go with them!

    (I'm ducking!)

  4. Or puppy on a rope, if you make it long enough!

  5. can they be couched?????


  6. Your braided cords are beautiful. H-m-m-m, this is one technique I haven't tried yet (and there aren't very many).