Wednesday, April 29, 2009

B'bye Pontiac

Interesting to read that GM plans to discontinue making the Pontiac brand. My very first car was a '65 Pontiac LeMans. It looked pretty much like this one. Red and pretty hot! When the guys whistled, it was for my car, not me.

Ray used to say he married me for my car.

It was a big car. I always think of Pontiacs as big cars and I never developed any kind of loyalty to the brand and never owned another one. Still, it seems like the end of an era. But it's probably time for things to change.

Me, I'm a Subaru girl these days.


  1. And I don't drive a car, because I never learnt it. There was no need to. In Europe, this is possible!

  2. Ah, Pontiacs ... I learned to drive in a '54 Pontiac (the year was 1965), two-tone green. Nowadays I don't need to drive - good public transport in London! Love your red one - is it as big as a London bus?!