Wednesday, September 30, 2009


We are home from our East Coast vacation. It was wonderful and we are happy we went and happy to be home. Tonight I uploaded about 350 photos that I took. You will probably be seeing quite a few in the weeks to come as I go through them. Looking at the photos is one of my favorite things after returning from vacation.
We went to Delaware to visit our friends, Carla and Bill. I have known Carla since we were sorority sisters at Idaho State University and we have stayed in touch for all these years. Many years ago we lived relatively close when they were in Northern California and we lived in Southern Oregon and our husbands and children became friends as well. It is truly a rare blessing in life to have friends like these. When they moved to Delaware several years ago I wondered if we would see them again, but we made it happen. Following our visit in Delaware we went to Washington DC for several days and continued our time with Carla and Bill there, as well as their daughter, son-in-law and grandson, who live in the DC area.
We have traveled quite a lot and love to travel. Neither Ray, nor I, had been to Delaware before, so we were discovering new territory. We loved the history and the lovely small towns in the coastal areas. We didn't see a single Starbucks or Macy's in Delaware—I'm sure they are there in the larger cities, but it seemed a place that has, so far, escaped the "same-ification" so much of this country has experienced.
One of the things we really started noticing were large stars on the fronts of houses in Delaware and Maryland. We were puzzled and wondered if there is some significance to them, or if they are just a regional kind of decoration. (Like the butterflies in Idaho?) I took these pictures from the car window.

Isn't that pointy attic window great? Love the details on old houses!

I found a little information on this web site. It seems it depends on who you talk to whether they mean something or are just decorative. I haven't decided whether they are tacky, or charming or just interesting . . .

Thursday will be the reveal of the final 12 x 12 quilts. I will also have something else to celebrate and share here, so check back later!

Oh, and let me know if you know anything more about those stars!


  1. How funny! I also live in Oregon (Banks) and I JUST got back from New Jersey! I have to get back on my blog and explain my absence- but I need to clean out the emails and the mountain of snail mail- and take care of some patient customers first. I enjoy reading your blog- we live so close- we should meet someday!

  2. Not being in America much, when I saw your photos I wondered if the stars stood for families with lads in Iraq or Afganistan? I thought maybe since that area is nearer the capitol, they might have chosen a more specific way to state their commitment to the troops?
    Sandy in the UK

  3. Welcome home, Terry! I've noticed those stars in my neighborhood, and assumed they're a decorative accent.

  4. I spent some time living on the east coast. In the very early days if you wanted fire protection for your home or building, you had to 'subscribe' to the service. The local fire department then came around and attached a metal seal of their insignia, often times a star, to the building. Many historic buildings still have these attached. Although the insignias I saw on various historical buildings were not nearly as big as these, I wonder if the stars on the buildings are a throwback from the old days? Maybe.