Sunday, March 13, 2011

TV Highway

Friday was a gorgeous sunny, blue-sky day, so when I went out to run errands I stuck my camera in the car. That was when I took the pictures I posted yesterday of the reclining Buddha. From that sublime view I headed toward the more ridiculous—TV Highway.

TV Highway has nothing to do with television. It is officially "The Tualatin Valley Highway"  but is always called by the shorter name. It amused me a few years ago when a huge multi-plex movie theater was built along the highway and they named it "Movies on TV."

TV Highway connects Beaverton and Hillsboro. Oregon and is one of those seemingly unregulated commercial strips that is block after block of old, tired strip malls, fast food outlets, Taco wagons, adult entertainment establishments, pawnshops, etc. I think most cities have something similar. On Friday I had the pleasure of following a garbage truck for several miles. What distinguishes TV Highway, for me, are unique "artistic" touches that can be viewed and enjoyed.

I like this guy who stands outside a cut-rate furniture store. Custom Sofas $399! He looks quite creepy, possibly drunk and is holding an imaginary tray. What says "buy furniture" better than that?

Maybe the giant rabbit at the boat shop. He has a really evil look. He has a leprechaun perched on one hand. I presume this is in honor of St. Patrick's Day.

Scary rabbit is HUGE. Look at the comparison to the van on the street. The flag does not come out of his head. It is on the roof of the building.

I get the sense that the rabbit has been there for a long time. As long as I remember, anyway.

This big dog has been protecting his stretch of TV Highway for a long time too.

The sign advertises a dog groomer. Ah, ha, ha, ha! Makes me laugh because the poor dog looks pretty badly UN-groomed, especially his unfortunate tail.

There is always something to see along TV Highway.  I also saw a man dressed like the Statue of Liberty in Converse High Tops, carrying a sign advertising a tax preparation business back and forth in front of a strip mall. As cars drove past he waggled his sign out toward the street and waved at us. I was tempted to stop and take his picture too, but I decided that would be rude.

As if rudeness was even a concept on the TV highway...


  1. LOL!!! I have driven the TV Hwy and it is just as you described it. We have the Lady Liberty tax guy too in our run down strip mall. It is always a guy dressed up.;)

  2. This post had me LOLing throughout. The tray guy! The scary rabbit! The mangy dog! Oh my!

  3. I've seen the guy and the rabbit, but somehow I have missed the DOG! I actually live outside New Orleans, but my daughter and DH live in Hillsboro and my DH and I have made many a trip to you neck of the woods. Guess I'll have to look for the dog next time. My favorite part of TV Hwy is looking at Mt. Hood! (at least on a clear day!)

  4. Those Statue of Liberty guys are apparently everywhere. I've seen them lately from San Diego to the San Fernando Valley. Gotta be a hot job in this neck of the woods.