Monday, October 05, 2015


There's a word I don't use much, but that is how I am feeling about my last post. After writing about the toilet paper quilt an anonymous commenter told me they thought my sense of humor was in the toilet, which made me laugh out loud, so I may not be a totally lost cause, humor wise. Another commenter suggested that my reaction was one of the reasons people think artists are snobs. Even I, the next morning, wondered what had gotten into me. I could try to explain it, but suffice it to say I overreacted to something trivial. I was in a mood. And I have to agree that time spent making any kind of a quilt beats the heck out of innumerable other ways one can waste one's time. Chastened, I am. Let's just forget the whole thing, okay?

And on to something else...

I think I have mentioned that I am making quilts based on some of my USA cross-country trip photos. I am into my third one. My process has been to make a little digital sketch based on a photo, or in one case, a combination of elements from a couple photos.

Sometime toward the end of our second week on the road, we drove through a little section of Pennsylvania, and we decided to leave the interstate highway and take some back roads through some beautiful countryside. As we passed through one little farming community I snapped a photo of a lovely old house and as I go back through all the photos I took, I keep stopping at that photo, so I finally knew it was going o be a quilt. Here's my sketch.


And here is work in progress.

This series of quilts was going to all be landscapes, but I can't resist a charming old building, in a landscape. Landscape to come...



  1. Verra cool! Those less traveled roads are always such a delightful surprise!!

  2. takes a big

  3. Anonymous6:49 PM

    Your blog is never less than interesting and usually teaches me something even if its how to be graceful in the face of controversy. That house is already talking to me,I can hardly wait to see more of it. Julie