Monday, March 28, 2016


In Costa Rica we visited a butterfly garden. Costa Rica has more than 1200 different species of butterflies, which you see in abundance. The butterfly garden was a chance to see a great variety in one place. We started with a little lesson on insects of Costa Rica, a subject that I expected to be rather dull, however this young woman presenter was not only a great, very knowledgeable speaker, but was hilariously funny!

Insects that look like leaves and twigs
Her pet cockroach "Timmy"
Horned beetle

After the entertaining lesson, we walked through the garden and hundreds of butterflies flitted around us—enchanting!

These glass-winged butterflies were fascinating

This is a blue morpho—quite large

Now that we've been home for a week, it all seems a bit like a dream. The color and drama of all the birds, flowers and butterflies are still in my head and spring here in Oregon feels sparse and cold by comparison. It rained pretty continually here while we were gone and continues off and on. I look out my back window, hoping for something of the lushness and color of Costa Rica and the view is disappointingly barren.

I am impatient now. I know the green and the flowers and our northern birds are coming. A few butterflies too, I hope...



  1. I have loved your Costa Rica pictures. I was especially interested in your comments about being part of a "tour." We look at those sometimes, but are hesitant to risk getting trapped for a week on vacation with an incompatible group, or just a group that is no fun. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Anonymous8:46 AM

    check the forecast - there are promises of 70 F by Friday. Of course, it could be an April Fool's joke!

  3. Thanks so much for sharing your pictures and experiences.... I fear it is the closest I will get to this beautiful part of our planet!

  4. What a great experience. And thank you for sharing your wonderful pictures! Starting to bloom here in Portland...and temps are incredible with sunshine :)