Monday, December 05, 2016

Earrings and a little makeup

I thought this was finished and it has been hanging on my design wall for several weeks and every time I would walk past it I would think "it's flat—needs something" but I wasn't sure what. Yesterday morning as I was poking little earrings into my earlobes it hit me that my Mexican lady had no earrings. That just wouldn't happen, I reasoned, so I headed out to the studio to correct that oversight. Earrings actually helped, then I remembered how I put on my own earrings, check the mirror to make sure they look OK (I've been known to wear not-on-purpose mismatched earrings, or get distracted and walk away with only one—) and at that point think I might look even better (!) with a little lipstick or mascara. So I got out my colors and gave the whole piece a little mini color makeover.

Better, I think.

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  1. yes better! And especial kudos to you for realizing what was missing!

  2. yes. I like the way the eye is drawn up from the white shirt to the earrings. Also the added interest of the varied depth of colour in the rest of the piece.
    I think your style works so very well for your pieces in the 'theme' of Latin America.
    Sandy in the UK

  3. Isn't that interesting. Those little earrings and everything "works". I love the pictures you draw and make in fabric. I can feel the love you have for the places you visit.

  4. You're right~it was flat before. Looks wonderful now :) Hope things have quieted down in your neighborhood~

  5. Anonymous5:35 AM

    She's a beauty! Just what she needed.