Saturday, December 31, 2016

Retail therapy for artists

Yesterday I came down with a bad case of cabin fever—had to get out of the house! The holidays, wonderful as they have been, were getting a little claustrophobic. It seemed like a good day for a drive into the city to check out the new Artist and Craftsman Supply Store. I love an art supply store like some people love bookstores. (I like bookstores too!) Some are elegant and efficiently organized; some are warm and homey; some are cluttered and messy; and some are funky and fun. Sometimes you can tell the minute you drive up in front what it will be.

Deceptively small from the outside, this place is crammed full of goodness!

Deep inventories of those special areas of interest to me—all kinds of fiber arts supplies like dyes and textile paints and markers and yarns and tools, no fabrics.

Printmaking supplies and inks and a huge variety of drawing pens, pencils and papers. Bookmaking supplies that I haven't seen in any other local stores. Great stuff for kids, including cool mask-making supplies.

I spent more than an hour wandering and touching and mentally cataloging the inventory, so that when I need that silkscreen ink for fabric, or extra thick foam board or tiny spray bottles for watercolor or dye, I will remember where I saw that perfect "thing." I bought some drawing pens and a dye marker and a little photo book. Not much, but I loved the place and I'll be back!

It's a national chain, but has a local feel about it and the most interesting inventory I've seen in Portland. No affiliation, just happy for another resource!

Artist and Craftsman Supply

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  1. I visited the Artist and Craftsman Supply in San Diego for the first time recently, and really enjoyed walking around and looking at supplies (and smelling them, too). I found the textile supplies after roaming the rest of the store, and was pleased at finding more than I expected. I no longer go to that neighborhood monthly as I used to...darn it! It was fun.

  2. Lucky you. To not have to wait for supplies in the mail is a real luxury.

  3. This seems subversive! Temptation! What happened to "resist?" LOL. Thanks for news on what looks like a great place for color-holics too.

  4. my favorite art store is Daniel Smith in seattle - have spent many an hour there.

  5. did you go to the SE location or the one on N Lombard? I LOVE art supply stores. Smelling pencils and paint thinner reminds me of my grandpa.

  6. Anonymous1:07 PM

    Wow - great pictures,a real feast for the eyes! Julie

  7. This looked so good that I searched to see if there is one nearby. Turns out there is one right here in Madison! Who knew?! I'll be sure to check it out. Happy New Year!

  8. I have one here in Maine (Portland) and it looks EXACTLY like yours. I used to go in quite often and buy pens, chalk bars, silk screen, paints, paper etc. I have all those things in my art cabinet. Love, Love, Love that place.

  9. Anonymous9:24 AM

    I was browsing through your blog and came across your photos and description of the Artists and Craftsman Supply Store. Since we can't make the trip to Portland ourselves, this was the perfect place to order a gift card for our artists daughter living in Portland. Thank you!