Thursday, April 19, 2007

Do something, even if it's wrong

A couple days ago I was sitting right where I am right now, at the computer. I looked up to see this squirrel standing just outside the window looking in, justing checking, I think, to see what I was up to. My camera was nearby, so I got a shot of him. He's been back a couple of times since.

What a crazy month we've had. I told my squirrel buddy that I wondered if life was ever going to settle down. Besides babies and medical emergencies we've been trying to buy and sell property (unsuccessfully thus far), entertain out of town guests, figure out where and how we are going to spend the rest of our lives and somehow this has involved driving and driving and driving. I am so tired of my car, which now knows the way to the hospital by heart. I thought I would never have to go back there again, but I ended up running up there yesterday to pick up the phone charger that Emily left in her room. I also turned a year older somewhere in there. Was it Easter just a week and a half ago? Was it only a month ago that Sofia was born? I am tired. Really tired, but relieved that (knock on wood) the pace seems to be slowing. Squirrel was sympathetic.

Several weeks ago I started cutting and fusing circles. I took the center strip and two pieces of red fabric to Gerrie's when the small group met at her house on my birthday. (I look as old as I felt in that picture) Then life got crazy again. I am finally getting back to that. I cut a stencil of tiny dots and earlier this week I stenciled little gray and gold dots on the piece.

Today I started quilting. I'm actually considering sewing some beads on it.

These photos are details. There is more of this, but everytime I look at it I think I need to cut a bit off here or there. I am just not sure where I am going with this or if I will like anything about it when I'm finished, but it feels good to be working on something. My mother used to say, when it was unclear what needed to be done next, "do something, even if it's wrong." It's a pretty good philosophy. It's a start.


  1. Oh, that pattern/ that the fabric or embellisment? I want to stare at it. And stare at it! So vibrant. That's a great photo to look at to start my day.
    Hope all settles down for you. And that squirrel is the funniest thing I've seen in a while. Too cute. Belated congrats on the baby by the way...all the photos are soooo cute and you are obviously a proud grandparent. My six year old informs me all the time I won't be a grandmother, she's not having kids. "It's painful". I tell her nature makes you forget once it's over so no worries so you'll want to do it again.
    Thanks for the great photos.

  2. Terry,

    Artist, as you know, I am not, but I do love the colors in this piece.

    Hope your are all well again and that the rest of this month is a breeze.

  3. Anonymous11:06 AM

    I think you need a few days at the beach!! I have been in Santa Rosa and internetless. I am at the airport, heading home, soon!

  4. I am with Gerrie. There is nothing more healing than a walk at Cannon Beach. Love your circle piece and I swear I am going to tattoo your mothers saying to my arm. Take care.

  5. The circle piece is looking great, Terry.

  6. Your love and use of vivid colors always brighten my day! So glad to see that you're working on another colorful project.

    Since I can't quilt, I shall take a long walk and enjoy our first Springlike weekend! It's been a very long winter.

    PS I envision Sofia sitting by your side one day and learning the craft from gran!

  7. Yup, I agree with your mother. It's like the analogy with a yacht - you can't go anywhere if you stay tied up at the wharf, but if you set sail and find you're not going where you want, you can change course.

  8. new quilt is wonderful, and the squirrel wants to get in on the sewing action ')