Thursday, May 03, 2007

The green season

Come along on my walk today. It rained last night, but the sun is out (kinda') this morning and everything is clean and sparkly.
Stepping out the front door, the ancient lilac is in full bloom.

The lady's mantle holds both rain and dew as perfect little jewels.
Out on the trail the hawthorne is blooming and snowing white petals. The dandelions were fluff yesterday, spiky wet today.
Fanno creek. That rotting log standing upright on the right is one of several that were once the supports for a little railroad track that went from downtown Portland into the suburbs, and crossed Fanno Creek here. It was called the Red Electric Railroad and ran between 1914 and 1929. Some mornings we throw pennies from the bridge and see if we can get them to land on top of the post. There are quite a few pennies in the water down there.
I don't think she is well. They walk very slowly. She leans on him.
Someone lost their glasses.
Mystery flower. Does anyone know what this is? Tiny and close to the ground. The color of the leaves is spectacular.
Beth orders her coffee, as we do every morning at the end of the walk.

It is Portland's best season. As June said, the whole city smells like flowers right now. It, and blogging about it, is distracting me from Spring Cleaning.

Like I do Spring Cleaning—ha,ha,ha,ha,ha,ha . . .


  1. This was so refreshing ... I feel like I had been right there at your side. Thanks for the exercise and fresh air.

    Lovely. I just may copy your format as I blog about my ferry trip to Victoria.

  2. My guess is that it is Geranium robertianum, also known as Herb Robert, Stinky Bob, or Red Robin. Lovely to look at but not something that you want in your garden.

  3. How I envy those walks.

  4. Mnnn...I can almost smell the flowers. What a wonderful walk -- and what a wonderful surprise in the mail for me today, a valentine featuring a lovely art quilt. Thank you so much!

  5. I'm tagging you.
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  6. Lovely photos! Yes, I think it is herb robert too - see - I was surprised to read in the newspapers recently that it is getting rare in Britain because there is plenty in my garden! Too much...