Sunday, May 06, 2007

Happy Birthday Ray (and Roy)

This is my 60-years-old today husband, Ray—a very good guy and wearer of snazzy belts. The picture was taken on our Mexico trip a couple months ago. This was before he became a grandfather and before he turned 60. He looks much older now. (joke—har, har)
Not coincidentally, today is also his twin brother, Roy's, 60th birthday. No they are not identical, but I'm sure you see a resemblance.

Roy is an hour and a half older than Ray (yes, an hour and a half—not a typo), which probably accounts for his having a lot more white hair. They were both redheads back in their youth. He also has 4 grandchildren, which may have something to do with it also. Roy and his wife, Jamie, live in Montana. Once when Emily was about 10 and had spent a couple weeks with them, she told me that Roy and Dad were just alike because they were twins, and Jamie and I must have been twins in a former life. We love getting together with them at least once a year. The picture of Roy was taken in Ecuador, when they traveled there with us several years ago. Next week we are all going to Lake Tahoe to celebrate the twins' birthdays.

I believe that I was extraordinarily lucky to marry a twin. Twins have been part of a pair for their entire lives, so fall easily into the role of partner/spouse and already know very well how to share and compromise. I think my sister-in-law, Jamie, would agree. Coincidentally, my brother's wife Brenda is also a twin and a wonderful wife and life partner. My sister, alas, did not marry a twin and her husband proved himself to be a dud. They are now divorced. I rest my case.

It has been wonderful sharing this life with Ray. He is a great father, and now grandfather, and still makes me laugh at his cornball jokes. He is working his way into retirement and we are looking forward to more travel and projects and movie matinees and card games. Ray's career has been in Information Technology for Colleges and Universities, but in his heart he has always been a jazz drummer. He never met a percussion instrument he didn't like. Another picture from the Mexico trip (different snazzy belt):

No, he didn't buy the drum—it wouldn't fit in the luggage, but he did bring home maracas and shakers and other noisy things. We have quite an impressive collection by now.

Happy birthday, Ray! Rock on.


  1. Welcome to the crowd "Old Boy." I am glad to know that you hae not shed your cornball jokes.

    Have a wonderful birthday from both of us.

    Bill & Carla

  2. Anonymous11:40 AM

    Hmmmm. Twins, huh? How I wish I'd known...

    Nice tribute to a nice guy.

  3. Anonymous1:08 PM

    Happy birthday to Ray (and Roy)!

  4. Happy Birthday to Ray and Roy.

  5. Anonymous9:21 PM

    Yes, things are always better in pairs, especially people! I like to think that somedays my dad and Uncle Brian are similar as well. And I agree with you 100% about your sister! I have always hoped that I would be so lucky to bear twins! Happy 60th Birthday Ray! I cannot wait to see you all!