Thursday, August 14, 2008

House Blessing

Little by little I am hanging things on the walls at our new house. This is a woven wheat "house blessing" that my mother made. I hung it so that you see it just as you come in the front door. Mom was an artist and craftsperson all her life and late in life discovered the craft of wheat weaving. She made so many beautiful things and they seem so perfectly crafted. This may have lost a couple heads of wheat in moves, but it was perfect when she finished it. This is the third of our houses that this piece has "blessed".

Moving little by little. Making the old house more "saleable" by doing all the things we should have done years ago! Settling in at the new house. It is 100 degrees here today and I am sipping ice water as I putter. My sewing studio remains at the old house. Maybe this weekend we can start moving it out here.

Can you tell how tired I am? But blessed. Good to remember that.


  1. That's a perfect little icon for your home.

  2. Soo very pretty. Hope your temps cool down soon. Take it slow