Saturday, August 02, 2008

Making ourselves at home

We have been moving. Tonight my computer is up and running in the office at the new house and I am able to blog and upload pictures once again. We are moving a room at a time and it is a little odd not really knowing what is at the old house and what is here. Yesterday we discovered we didn't have a can opener here. Now we do.

The little den, off the dining room is pretty settled.

Nothing on the walls yet, but it feels like home and is a place where we can be comfortable and watch TV or read. The dining room is pretty well done too. As you can see I even have our old family high chair ready for Sofia, who actually joined us for dinner last night and sat in the high chair.

The living room furniture is still at the old house. The living room here looks like this:

I can hardly believe, after all these months, we are finally moving in. I feel like I have made the change in my heart and my mind. I'm finished with the old house. I just wish it would sell. sigh.

My cork board project has stalled. I am out of corks. It required more corks than I anticipated. Reva said she would give me a bunch she's been saving. That should add a touch of class. I think she and Jerry drink better wine than we do!

My little chair project is finished and received the Sofia seal of approval. She came in the other day and spotted the chair and got very excited. She ran right over, patted the cushion a couple times and climbed right up into the chair where she sat, looking very pleased with herself.

Little by little. Bit by bit.


  1. Love the colors on your walls. If you still need more corks, tell me how many and I will send them to you.

  2. Uh oh. Now I have to go through all our corks and toss the ones that say "Charles Shaw" on them. There'll still be plenty, never fear.

  3. Anonymous8:28 AM

    I always smile at the similarity of our tastes. When I married the first time, I found 4 old bentwood chairs in a junk shop that came from a local ice cream parlor. I painted them and had to put plywood seats in them. In time they passed on.

    Then, when expecting my first, I was given the Thonet bentwood rocker I wanted. I loved that chair and rocked both babies in it. Mother hates it (it rocked too far and scared her), as do my kids because it does take a lot of space to do its thing. It's too big for my house, too big for theirs, and it just moulders away in the attic. I've taken so much grief over it through the years, I finally told them to just give the damn thing away. But I still hold on to it. I'm the only one sentimental about that rocker.

  4. Terry,
    I have a few corks I would love to share with you...if you are still in need. Email me if you'd like them.
    Your 'new' home looks lovely. About 10 years ago we bought the house next door to our old one and the move went painfully slowly. You are clever to have moved one room at a time. Wish I had had the sense to do it that way.