Friday, November 28, 2008

A warning

I just read Sandy Donabed's blog entry about her baby granddaughter swallowing a small battery. She is in the hospital with damage to her esophagus.

Those darn little batteries are everywhere, in everything these days. For all of us with children or grandchildren, especially little guys that put stuff in their mouths, this is a frightening thing to read. Read Sandy's post. Let us all send good thoughts for baby Hazel's recovery and inspect our own homes for any such hazards and tell our friends. Yikes!


  1. Anonymous7:14 PM


    I just read Sandy's blog and posted a note to Quilt Art. It seemed too important to pass up.

    And then I went to Del Thomas's blog.
    and saw your quilt on the wall. At least, I'm sure it's yours. I don't know anyone else doing that kind of work.


  2. Yes, the physicians I work for take these types of batteries out of kiddos all the time...the last one was a watch battery. The child had somehow managed to break apart a watch his mother let him play with. Also beware of small magnets that can can clap together within the stomach or intestines and cause major blockage! We do retrivals in the OR about once a week in the small city of Boise!

  3. Anonymous8:13 AM

    Since they began hearing screenings on newborns, we are seeing hearing aids on tiny babies (3 months old is the youngest I've seen so far.) So, now hearing aid training for parents includes battery safety. [I may ask Sandy if I can give copies of her entry to parents!] Kid hearing aids need a screwdriver to get to the battery, but we can't control what happens to the new and used batteries outside the aid. It's very scary since they have to have these darn things available and it only takes one thoughtless moment...

  4. Let me share a bigger warning. A small child of one of our lead clinical nurses was playing with a bead in Sunday school. She swallowed it. Even though her dad was an excellent nurse, they life flighted her to a children's hospital, she died.

    Be careful and vigilent with those little ones.

  5. I flew to Boston to be with Hazel and her parents in the hospital today- the update is that she is still on paralytic drugs to keep her from moving, she still is on a ventilator (it was removed but she needed it reinserted almost immediately) and she is still one very sick baby BUT today was the first day without a major new problem so everyone is hopeful that she will be OK soon- but we are looking at another five days in the ICU and then two more weeks of recovery in the hospital. I appreciate you spreading the word- these little batteries are in everything now, and not necessarily part of the lists of things they warn young parents about. My daughter is a real zealot about anything plastic, anything from China, button eyes, very careful, but no one ever cautioned her about the DVD remote, which they never use! Thanks Terry- and everyone else- pass it on! Sandy