Sunday, April 11, 2010

Working on it

It was a pretty nice day today. Supposed to rain, but it didn't so we got a few things done outside. This yard of ours is a big project and I will be the first to admit that I'm not much into the heavy lifting aspects of creating the landscape, but Ray seems to think it's fun so I am happy to be the idea man and supervisor.

Several weeks ago I saw logs used in landscaping a yard I saw on my walk and we had just had three big trees cut down and had piles of logs all over the front yard. Today Ray and picked out a nice selection and we arranged them at one side of a berm that Ray created. I think they look great and will be even better with some plants in front of them. Our planned little round patio will be right out front of this area.

Friday I spotted wooden picnic tables for sale. I've been looking for one for a couple of years. When we bought this house I could envision a picnic table on the wooded side of the creek. Rustic. The classic Forest Service type picnic table.  How many of these kinds of tables have I scraped the bird poop off of to lay out a picnic? Too many to count. Camping trips, roadside stops, trips to the park, campfires in the mountains. Very nostalgic for me and they just seem to belong among the pinecones and needles. We took the pickup down to the store where it was this morning and brought it home. It came unfinished so I spent a couple hours this afternoon brushing on a protective stain. Looks perfect to my eye. It would only take a little heavy lifting to turn that pile of rocks into a fire pit. The firewood is already right there. Marshmallows!

Funny thing about working on these yard projects. It is hard work and all the while I am doing it I am thinking about how lazy I am going to be when it is finished! That picnic table? I see myself eating my lunch with a book, drinking a cold beer late in the afternoon with Ray. Over where the logs went? That's near where the hammock is going and the big comfy chair. I imagine the cool shade there on a summer day. I wonder if we'll ever get there...


  1. S'mores! All sorts of possibilities come to mind.

  2. Hi Terry,

    These thoughts of you (hammock, food, comfy chairs etc) sound very familiar with me! We had a big farmhouse in Holland once with a huge garden (incl vegetables) and it was very hard work indeed. Still the dreaming of the fun afterwards kept us going, and we did enjoy it, the parties and BBQ's
    So will you!
    Regina, SXM

  3. Terry...I am pretty sure you meant to say you see yourself as resting, not lazy there is a difference to the discerning eye. The saying "The (wo)man who cuts (her)his own firewood, warms (her)himself twice, comes to mind.

    I'll bring the mini cheesecakes.


  4. I like to see your yard take shape. Keep up with the pictures.

    We had our willow tree pruned several months ago. The tree guy put some fireplace size "logs" aside for us. Now the logs, which have been resting on the ground, are sprouting little trees.
    Watch your log wall and prune it if necessary.

  5. Oooh! I like your logs with the moss growing on them. They look very interesting. Your yard looks like a REALLY fun place for grandkids to run around, hide under trees and make-believe all kinds of games!

  6. Oh yes, you’ll get there. But meanwhile, it sounds like you’re enjoying the trip. And look at how much progress you’ve made since you started.

  7. wonderful! but, speaking from experience, always check under the table before sitting down to check for wasp or other sting-ridden insect nests...
    you do not want to find out AFTER you sit down and then can't get out of the bench fast enough!

    looks beautiful!