Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Boise, part 2

Lisa, who lives in Boise, left a comment on yesterday's post about Boise, and asked, "Did you see any of the public artworks or the painted traffic boxes?" Well, as a matter of fact I did!

Don't you love public art? To me it adds character and personality to a city and  expresses a sense of a citizenry that appreciates art and beauty in their surroundings.

Not far from the hotel, we came to this charming sculpture.

I especially liked this mural, found in an alleyway.

That image of the big potato with the crown on his head used to be printed on burlap potato bags. Potato was "king" of Idaho for sure.

This outdoor sculpture features old photos and historic documents from Boise history.

The typo in this informational plaque was jarring. Proofread, people, proofread!

Even the sidewalks had some artistic touches.

By far my  favorite Boise downtown artworks were the painted traffic utility boxes. These are those big metal boxes that sit on the streets in most cities. They contain the controls and machinery for the traffic lights. What a great idea to paint them!

This one had some graffiti on one side. I suppose that is bound to happen, unfortunately.

This one, above, may have been my very favorite. Reminded me of an illustration from a childrens' book.


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  1. Never in m wioldest would i have thought that one would find such amazing art works in downtown Boise!!! I love the presentation and the inspiration of each wonderful piece!!! One never knows where one will find wonderful art!!!! thank you so much for sharing!!!
    I ahve just found you thru Judy in the Dyes and am delighted to have done so!!!