Sunday, November 28, 2010

Better photo

Last night I posted my finished "NW Vibes" piece. I was in a little bit of a hurry, took a quick photo and slapped it up. I was thinking about how much better the piece would look if the photo were better. I took another photo today, because I do like to have good photos of all my work. Here's the new photo:

You can click on it to see it larger.

Here's the photo I took last night:

It is a better representation of the color and it is nicely straightened and smoothed.. We are always told when we enter shows that bad photography can result in good quilts not being accepted. I think that's true.

I do not have a particularly fancy camera, but I take most of my photos for show entries. I have lights that I can use if I am photographing my work indoors, but my preference is to photograph them outdoors in natural light. I think the colors are truer. Today was my favorite kind of day for photographing outside. It was a cloudy day, but not dark. An overcast sky diffuses the light nicely. Direct sunlight washes the color out. Too cloudy and the photos turn out too dark. We have a lot of "white sky" days here in Portland. They are perfect.


  1. Hi Terry,

    I love it!


  2. Yeppers! It is better.

  3. So wonderful, Terry! I really like the title, too.

    I also like to take photos outside. Do you hang your quilt up on something? (Tape? Tacks? Pins?) Or do you lay it flat and shoot down on it? Do you use a tripod and the timer setting?

    I think the quilting shows up better in the first image, but that's probably because the sunlight was stronger, thus making small shadows in the texture of the quilting, but washing out the colors. Presumably, when entering a show you'd be showing a detail image in addition to the full shot. So, you can show the stitching more closely in the detail. Right?

  4. Deborah, I have a big board that is covered with white flannel that I pin the piece to, then I prop the board up on one of the chairs on my deck. I use a tripod and the timer. What happened with the first photo, is that I took it indoors with light coming from the left side. It accentuated the quilting, but it also made the left side lighter than it should have been and the right side darker. Yes, a closeup does show the quilting better in the new shot.

  5. Love it! Thanks for showing the before and the after. I liked finding the changes and comparing the effect. You were right about the mug. What a difference that little change makes.

  6. Much better picture. It seems more like rain outside now.

  7. That piece has turned out so well. The foreground elements are definitely better bigger than when I saw them at STASH. Amazing what a subtle change can accomplish, like you did with the inside of the cup.

  8. I love it. The second one is my preference because you can see the quilting lines. You have such a unique style. I want to reach in and hold the mug. It is inviting.

  9. It is a beautiful piece. I am with Jamie. I prefer the one where you can see the quilting lines.