Saturday, November 06, 2010


My friend, Jeri Flom, just created a website and blog. Click on the logo above to go there.

I have known Jeri for years and watched her progression from "recovering accountant" (her description) to fiber artist, extraordinaire. Jeri is a fascinating person—intense, driven and extremely funny, so I expect her online presence to be nothing less! She is still working on the website and blog, but there is already plenty to see and enjoy. I recommend it!

And, just to give myself a little plug, as well, I point with pride to her logo, which I designed.


  1. Well now! I leave the house to get business cards printed (again designed by Miss Terry), and came back to see if my second blog post posted....and traffic had more than double in an hour!!!! Grant, you are just too damn funny. Thanks, it was a confidence booster I certainly could use and do appreciate. And to all the rest of you who visited, Thank you, and hopefully I haven't scared any of you off... I will get better I promise. Now back to the studio..I've got deadlines (yes that is the correlation between tax accountant and artist, nothing like a deadline to strive toward).

  2. Anonymous4:05 PM

    Love the logo you created for her Terry! now I'm off to check out her new site..