Saturday, January 05, 2013

And sew it goes...

Spent a good day in the studio finishing up the piece I have been working on. Photos to come.

I kept looking at my little reminder banner for my word of the year. It needed something more. "Discover," I decided needed a map. I had some scraps of fabric that I printed with a map of Oregon. Fortunately I had a bit with with the Columbia River, the Pacific Ocean and the area where I live. Lots to discover here.

Much better. Now it is finished and gives me a better sense of discovery.

Another goal for this year is more drawing—an ongoing goal. I made a little pouch for a small sketchbook, pencil, pen, eraser and pencil sharpener. Hopefully I will remember to toss it in my backpack or in the car when I am out and about.


  1. Anonymous6:09 AM

    Your map is very nice. It puts me in mind of Lewis & Clark.

  2. The map really makes your "discover" banner sing!

    While I'm a quilter who enjoys your blog, insights, and instructions, I also am an avid orienteer (one who competes in the sport of finding your way to a specific set of checkpoints marked on a map), and have been to/through your area (Bend; Portland) on two trips featuring national-level competition. Our national website uses the slogan "Discover orienteering. Discover yourself." :-)

    If you want to seek out such an adventure in your area to enliven the walks/hikes with your friend, check out the Columbia River Orienteering Club's schedule.