Sunday, July 06, 2014

Digital Drawing Day - July

When I think of July I think of the flowers and the color. This started as a drawing of the red crocosmia  in our front garden. It is one of my favorite summer flowers and it really brings the hummingbirds to the yard.  More than the flowers themselves I was going for an "impression" of the colorful depths of a July garden and got what I wanted by applying one of the Glaze App effects to my drawing. 

iPad, Sketch Club app, Glaze app

I think this is my last regular Digital Drawing Day post, at least for now. I will continue to work with the digital apps and will post if I discover something really good, or make something I especially like, but for now I won't push to post something every Sunday. Thanks for your comments and interest, or polite tolerance, as the case might be...


  1. Anonymous1:22 AM

    Terry - This is gorgeous. Thanks for sharing your drawing digitally journey.
    Grand Rapids, MI

  2. Wow, I looked up red crocosmia as I was not famiiar with it. I need to get some. I love hummingbirds and they grace my feeder once in awhile. Maybe the flowers would bring them more often.
    I love your drawing. it reminds me of looking out the window during the rain which is a very pleasant sensation.

  3. I think I will miss your drawings...the tool/activity is not a path I would follow, but it's another window to your thought process which is interesting and challenging regardless of the medium. I love crocosmia and this drawing, and as others have said before, this one would make a beautiful note card too.

  4. I am just back from holiday, so catching up. Love this impressionist look of the crocosmia. We have one in our garden, too.
    I will miss your drawings, too, like maryl said.
    I have nearly cleared the decks of projects that need doing. Then I am going to have a go with PSP in a similar way to your digital project. Basically to learn more about what it can do. I just use my phone for phoning or texting.
    How did you choose your prompts? I can come up with a plan or use Noah Scalin's 365 book, which I have, but am just curious how you chose yours.
    Sandy in the UK