Tuesday, July 15, 2014

What I am doing...

Aren't summer days supposed to be "lazy"? It's really kind of the opposite of lazy around here. This is one busy family. Ray is trying to retire, which means he is finishing up his current projects and/or handing over unfinished ones to others, while simultaneously dreaming up new ideas that he either will or won't be a part of. I get it. Being "retired" doesn't mean your brain quits working (well maybe for some people it does...).  As I told Ray tonight even though I retired from my paying job, art is my job now.  Sitting under a shady tree, with a book and a cold drink is what you do when you are nursing a broken leg, surely not a way of life. We are still finishing up painting and regrouping post remodeling, and helping with summer childcare, which we love, but keeps us busy too. 

Not enough studio time for me. But I am slowly moving forward with the sewing/drawing idea. I found a nice photo I took, in Ecuador, of my co-inlaw's country house, to work with. I started by fusing a few fabrics to a white fabric base. 

Today I started stitching. 

Kind of amazing how much just that little bit adds, isn't it?

Lots more to go. I will keep posting as I go. 

Our beach weekend was a wonderful break from the painting and remodeling mess. So much fun to see the kids on the beach. They loved it. 

We used the collection bags that Sofia made. 

Yes, Grandma's bag was the fullest. I just love those little flat rocks you can find only at the beach. I sew them onto art quilts. Sofia's was much fuller until her little brother stepped on it and turned her shell collection into shell gravel, which was pretty tragic. Marco's bag could not be found for this photo. When it was found it contained a piece of a bagel. He was only partially tuned into the program, but loved his bag all the same.  Great beach trip. 

Tomorrow I am hosting the local SAQA group for an outdoor meeting and studio tour. 


  1. The lovely black stitching really DOES add a great deal. And yes, can someone please find the lazy days of summer?

  2. Despite the shell incident, it sounds like a lovely time. I love how your piece has so much depth and perspective already. Would love to learn more about your process.

  3. Do you sketch in your black sewing lines first or just go for it? Great start on this piece!

  4. Your grandkids are growing up quickly. I like the start to your piece. I would also like to explore more "drawing" with stitching, but haven't figured out what/how to do that yet.