Friday, September 29, 2006

Cristóbal González Guzmán

Last night we went to the opening of an exhibit of work by Cristóbal González Guzmán at the Onda Gallery here in Portland. (that is my handsome son-in-law, Carlos, on the sidewalk) Cristóbal is a friend of my daughter, Emily, who lives in Quito, Ecuador. He owned a gallery there for a number of years and is a well-known painter in Ecuador. He also teaches at Colegio Americano, the American School in Quito, where Emily taught for 4 years. Last January we visited him in Quito. It was a memorable evening, which I wrote about on our Ecuador blog here.

Cristóbal's work looked wonderful and was really nicely displayed. There seemed to be a lot of interest and positive comments.

When we arrived, Onda owner, Allan Oliver, was talking to a fellow who was from Ecuador, who had seen the show advertised and come specifically to see work by a fellow Ecuadorean.


  1. oooh, they'd translate nicely into quilts, wouldn't they?

  2. These are wonderful. I must see them in person. I might buy one - they are so lucious.

  3. I have three at home I bought in the early 90s while living in Ecuador. I love them dearly. They are so alive and vibrant. And the artist is also such a wonderful and kind person!