Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Fiddlin' around

I am hoping to get started with the "green" quilt soon and I'm thinking of trying a little different approach, so I made a small sample today to try out some of my ideas. I usually use commercially printed, patterned fabrics, but decided to start with solids this time. Here is the start—fused solids with some paint and pastels added for dimension and variation in the color.

Same thing with stitching added.

Now, here's the new idea. I used some of the stamps I have made and bought and started stamping semi-transparent pattern over my fused piece.

Then I layered it and did some quilting.

The parts of this I like are that it does seem to add some depth and complexity. What I am not liking is that it had definitely flattened the value contrast.

Little more paint to try and punch up the value contrast.

I'm not sure I like what I did. I think I will have to let this percolate. I will take it to my small quilt group and my critique group this week and see what kind of feedback I get from them. What do you think? Did I turn it into mud?


  1. I like both before and after but see what you mean about the value contrast. Maybe the stamping over the flowers could be done last with very little paint/dye left on the stamp after stamping the background. Or if you know you are going to stamp over it, just punch up the colors with higher contrast than usual. I would probably have just stamped the background, not on the flowers.

  2. Anonymous12:34 AM

    I was going to say the same as Wanda -- stamp the background but not the flowers. Or at least not all the flowers. I'd love to see a little patterned fabric sneak back into some of the more prominent flowers, and the green goddess' clothing of course.

  3. I think the stamps did flatten out the piece. Maybe adding some yellow or white highlight paint shadowing to lift the flowers/stems/leaves up? Maybe more dense quilting on the background to smoosh that back?

    I'm still lovin' it anywho!

  4. What a great experiment, and the possibilities. I wonder if there is some way you could put a resit on the unstamped fabric to retain some of the highlights and then remove after stamping.

  5. Interesting idea. I find, however, that the stamped image makes my eyes feel as though they are out of focus. And I see the stamping first before the image. Maybe if you just stamped the background it would pop the image out more. Of course, using printed fabric would pop it out, but then the stamping would REALLY detract. Del

  6. call me crazy but i like it. it does get a little blurry but i think the stamping blends it together nicely. if you desire more contrast, you could paint a coupla highlights in there to define the flowers better, even after you've stamped it, no?