Wednesday, August 22, 2007


Ray and I haven't been out to a movie for a long time. We rent a lot from Netflix, but there is something really nice about going out to a theatre. Especially to a matinee. They are cheaper for one thing, and I am usually more alert in the afternoon than the evening. I usually fall asleep when we watch a movie at night, even really good ones, then I have to cruise through the scene selections the next morning to pick up what I missed before we send it back. I hate telling you this as it makes me feel very dotty and elderly, however it's the sad truth. But I digress . . .

We went to see Once at the theatre this weekend. It is one of the most lovely, charming movies I have ever seen. I can't quite imagine anyone who would not find this movie to their liking. It is an Irish movie that takes place in modern day Dublin and it is a musical, but not the goofy Gene Kelly kind of musical. It is a movie about musicians and the music they make. Click on the link above and you will get a taste of the music and some info about the movie. I seldom buy movies, but I believe I will buy this movie when it comes out on DVD. It is the kind of movie that would be good to watch every so often, especially when you need a little cheer or a reminder that most people really are basically good and decent, which makes it sound very sappy, but honest, it's not.

The green quilt is progressing, but I haven't taken any more pictures. I did make these three littles from some of the scraps.

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