Tuesday, February 12, 2013

And so it goes...

I see it is more than a week since my last blog post. Where does the time go? I have been blogging—just not here. I decided I needed to revive my drawing blog, Pen, Pencil, Paper—Draw! and have written a couple of posts there. This one is actually related to my fabric art. It's about creating a sketch for a future fabric piece.

I also posted on the Sketchbook Challenge blog about the theme of the month, "Sweets."

On the home front, I finished my "Red Domes" quilt, which I will post when I get good photos taken of it. I am pleased with it and looking forward to another in the series. I have an idea, but have a few more pressing projects in the works before I can start on it.

Last Friday I took a day off and rode over to Astoria, Oregon with Ray for the day. He had a business meeting there and I went along for the ride and the scenery. It was a gorgeous day. Astoria is the oldest town in Oregon and very historic, and it sits at the mouth of the Columbia River, where it flows into the Pacific Ocean and is famously gray and rainy—almost always. But on Friday it was gloriously sunny and the sky was a brilliant blue. I wandered around town and took a few phone photos. This shows that great sky and the former John Jacob Astor hotel building.

Inside this building was a charming antique shop. The sun streaming in the big windows gave the old treasures a real glow. I didn't buy a thing, but loved everything I saw—the building most of all.

note the silhouette of the old sewing machine in the window

I have been working on my valentines and got them in the mail yesterday.


  1. I love Astoria. Carl had a meeting there one fine day in August. I went in hopes of escaping the heat here. It was 103 in Astoria! No A/C, of course. It is still a beautiful town to visit in any weather situation. Beautiful photos. I really like your new banner.

  2. That hotel looks like so much fun! How lucky to be there on a sunny day, too. I'll have to put that on my list for when I visit friends down that way. :) Going to check out your drawing blog. Thanks!