Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Up on the wall

Today I got the new piece to a point where I could pin it all together and put it up on the wall. This is an important step in getting a feel for how things are going together.

I wanted to give an impression, without much detail, of adjacent buildings. There will be some trimmed off in the final stages. I started with some gray fabrics, thinking I wanted the buildings to be inconspicuous. So dull. It just killed everything. I think I like this brick color better. And the sky. Well, I had an idea that I wanted a green sky. Don't ask me why. Not sure that's really working.

Now that I have the photo in Photoshop I can play with it a  bit. Since the addition of the tables and the umbrellas will make a big difference I roughed them in.

What if I changed the sky color to a warm blue-green?

Something about that sky is not working. It really seems stark. Maybe it needs a suggestion of more buildings and city behind the yellow building. Maybe a more "sky" blue?

Things to think about.

1 comment:

  1. It looked to me like the umbrellas and tables on your original drawing were a tad bit larger than on the ps'd mock-up. That might energize the piece a bit. I like the shadowy buildings behind a lot. You are getting there, and it's fun to watch the process.