Sunday, September 06, 2015

Another favorite older post

Yesterday I re-shared the post, that over the past 10 years of blogging has been the most viewed. The second most viewed was the tutorial I put together for using the Liquid Thread fusing product that I continue to use for assembling my work. If you really want to see that again you can find it here. Close behind in the number 3 spot is a post from 2012 showing my completed quilt called "Fire".  It is one of several posts of quilts where I said, "I thought this was finished, but then I decided it wasn't and this is what I did." I guess that is my frequent pattern.

It was one of four for a show called "Elements" and before the show even opened Fire had sold to a member of my High Fiber Diet group. It seemed to strike a cord with people and has been pinned many, many times on Pinterest sites.  I get frequent emails inquiring whether it is still for sale, or even more frequently, if I sell a pattern for making it. So I will clear that up right here and now—no, I don't sell a pattern. Never have, never will.  Couldn't begin to create directions for how this thing was made even if I wanted to. But, thanks for asking!

Friday, April 06, 2012


Finished the campfire piece today. Actually, I thought I had it finished yesterday. It looked like this:

I don't know if you can see what I changed. The bottom foreground wasn't quite working for me. Those rocks around the fire looked too tight and somehow unnatural. And the ground itself wasn't "grounding." I added a couple more rocks and some deep shadow, which seem like an improvement to me. And then I added more sparks. Seemed like it needed those.

This piece will be submitted for our next High Fiber Diet show, "The Elements." If I can get them done in time, I hope to complete all four elements to submit. I started with "fire" because it seemed the most challenging, but now I am having a hard time coming up with any ideas for earth, air and water!

The size of this is 15" x 35". I kind of wish I had made it larger.

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  1. This is undoubtedly my favorite piece of yours. I love how it seems to glow. No ... I don't think a pattern could ever capture the essence of the original.