Tuesday, January 02, 2018

My word for the year

This is what I've been doing for a lot of years now. I choose a word to guide me for the new year. Then I make a tiny little banner to remind me. New Years Day is a good day for doing this.

Last year my word was "resist". I tried. I think we all tried and it was a year of resisting, but it's been a tough year in lots of ways and at the end of the year it feels like lots of things are broken. It's easy to forget that things broken can be mended. Physical things (like eyes healing following surgery), maybe even what seems a huge, ugly rip in the fabric of our society. So "mend" is a hope as much as an inspiration. Hasn't it been a hard, chaotic year? It was for me. Maybe mend follows resist. And I was recently reminded that there is a Japanese method of mending broken pottery called Kinsugi where the mended area is filled with gold, making it both beautiful and stronger than it was before. So I'm focusing on how we fix what's broken, how I can do my small part and how we bring strength and beauty to the healing/mending process.

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