Thursday, March 07, 2019

Everybody has one...

An opinion? A belly button? No—a website! And now I have mine.

This was a New Year’s resolution, to finally build an online home for my stuff. It was probably good that I waited so long because it is finally easy. I tried creating a site years ago and gave up—way too fiddly, but the modern website builders are really user friendly. What I did wait years too long for, however, was to buy a domain name, using just my name. All the other Terry Grants in the world had snapped up the easy ones, like (international stunt driver!) and even some slightly more obscure ways of using the name. Disappointed, but not surprised. Over coffee, one morning, my husband, son and I brainstormed and Ray suggested “terrygrantastic”. It was available, and thus my new identity was born— I hope that’s memorable enough. 

Check me out!