Saturday, March 17, 2007

Happy Birthday, June!

I am almost too late to wish my friend June a happy Saint Patrick's Day birthday! I've been having computer problems today. And now Blogger is not allowing me to upload the really corny photomontage I made of her face superimposed over a shamrock. (You can't imagine what you're missing. Not only is it really hokey, it is not the greatest picture of June, but the only one I seemed to have in my files. I do hope I can show it eventually.)

June was really hoping that Emily's baby would be born today to share her birthday, but unless something dramatic happens in the next two hours, it's not happening today. I think it will be happening soon, though. Tonight was the first time I have gotten the feeling looking at Em that she looks just about "ready."

Anyway, June will probably continue to have her March 17 birthday to herself. She's a wonderful friend and I hope she has had a great day today.
Woo hoo! It finally worked. Now, was that worth waiting for or what?!


  1. Anonymous8:39 AM

    I wonder what June is going to do to get back at you for this!! Hee!

    I recommend going out for Chinese food to bring on labor or perhaps pepperoni pizza!

  2. Anonymous11:58 AM

    Oh my gawd!

    It's March 18, thank heavens. My newly arrived 65 year old heart might not have been able to take that photo.

    Thanks, Terry, for the fine (I think) surprise. I'm sort of planning on enjoying my new status (late middle age) for a week or so. I survived the 6 hours of oil painting yesterday, so there's a bit of life left yet.

    And where is that child? Darn, I was so hoping to have a new one appear to celebrate with.