Friday, March 30, 2007

What would you do with these?

I recently discovered the wonderful Monticello Antique Mall in Southeast Portland. It has been there for more than 7 years, but somehow I didn't know about it until I read about it on another blog. It is now one of my favorite places to take out-of-town visitors. It is clean and bright and does not have that funky antique store smell. Things are beautifully displayed. There is a nice little cafe at one end, so it is a good lunchtime adventure. A couple weeks ago my friend Muriel found a monkey hand puppet exactly like one she had as a child. Of course she had to buy it.

We've had cousins from Boise visiting this week and we went out to the Monticello a couple of days ago. I enjoy browsing, but I seldom buy—antiques these days tend to look like the stuff I have had cluttering up my house for years now. I remember how my mother used to exclaim, in antique stores, "I had (or have) one of those!" Now I'm doing the same thing. But the other day I saw this little set of 4 napkin rings and decided, modestly priced as they were, I had to have them. Now, I have no real need for, or interest in, napkin rings. But I just loved the design of these.

Here's a closeup. There is a bird in there—not sure if it's a swan or a goose.

They are big, nearly 2" square. There have to be other uses for these. Maybe to tie back curtains. I wonder if they could be adapted to use as drawer pulls. Hmmmmm. Any ideas?


  1. These are great. I wonder if you could do some "rubbings" with them with those paint sticks? Or even crayons. Or would they print?

    They might make a neat thing to hold a sash or scarf around the shoulders. Or somehow as buttons.

    I use napkin rings and I have none tht are that classy.

  2. Anonymous12:36 AM

    I second Loie's scarf holder suggestion. Also, I'd invite a few friends over for Tea and bring out the seldom-used china and the cloth napkins. Play Dress-up!

  3. Anonymous12:59 AM

    Terry, my immediate though was - oooh, I wonder if these would work for surface design? Embossing velvet? Great find!

  4. Anonymous9:45 AM

    I am with Caitlin - I'd use them for rubbings or stamping soy batik wax. I don't know if you know that Alica is a good friend of my daughters and I can't believe that I have not been out there. Now, I must go.

  5. I had the same idea about using them for rubbing or printing, and I tried a rubbing. There is too much dimension in them. They don't rub well.

  6. How about, um err, using them as napkin rings. We have odd wooden ones and I enjoy them every night when we sit down at the table.

  7. Anonymous10:36 AM

    I would kill to have them to use as drawer pulls!!! want to sell them ?